July 5th, 2013
Addi Turbo® (The Original)Addi Turbo®, the circular needle that started it all, and the true choice of professional knitters worldwide! The Turbo® needles feature nickel plated brass tips, ultra-pliable cords, snag-free joins and a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer’s defect.
  • 16”/40 CM Addi Turbo Circular Needle
  • 24”/60 CM Addi Turbo Circular Needle
  • 32”/80 CM Addi Turbo Circular Needle
  • 40”/100 CM Addi Turbo Circular Needle
  • 60”/150 CM Addi Turbo Circular Needle
Bryson Distributing – Rosewood Needles – Straight 10″ and 14″
Rosewood Double Point – 7″ length
Brittany Birch Needles – Single Point and Double Point
Brittany Cable Needle – 3-pc set
353 – Locking Ring Marker 328 – Knitting Counter
  • Double ended Stitch Holder
  • 351 – small, 3007 – jumbo stitch holder
  • 327/EL – Extra Large Single ended Stitch Holder Set
330 – cable needle 341- J style cable needle
340 – Jumbo Darning Needle Set 339- Darning Needle Set
3 Sizes of Ring Markers 3106 – Yarn Cutter Pendant
Aluminum Crochet Hooks – Sizes B – J Susan Bates Afghan Hooks
Tapestry Knitting Needle Case
U Shape Marble Dark Brown U Shape Bamboo U shape Mable Ivory
Natural Round Lady Hair Handle Blackround Bamboo
Black U Shape Black D Shape Amber D Shape
 Assorted Variety of Buttons
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