Specialty Yarns

Art Yarns

 Regal Silk 163yds 50g  Colors #123, 137 $24/skeinAn untwisted single ply mulberry silk that radiates and creates a soft and drapy knitted fabric
 Silk Pearl 170yds 50g Colors #229, 250, 266, 295 $40/skeinA chain silk that is crisp and glossy and never pills.  It is soft to the touch yet will not stretch and drapes like linen.  Ideal for lightweight garments.
 Silk Rhapsody 50/50 Silk/Kid Mohair 260yds 100g Color #160 $44/skeinSilk Rhapsody 50/50 Silk/Kid Mohair w/Glitter 260yds 100g Color #160 $46/skeinMohair and silk are combined in a luxurious glowing yarn that is perfect for creating either open or dense fabrics. The Glitter version is embellished with a super-fine strand of silver metallic.
 Cashmere Sock Yarn 67/25/8 Cashmere/Wool/Nylon 160yds 50g Color #1003, 193 $36/skeinTwo plies of cashmere twisted with a wool/nylon thread that prevents felting and allows this cashmere to be machine washed and dried.
 Ultra Bulky 100% Luxury Merino Wool 188yds 100g Color #193 $22/skein12 strands of ultrafine Merino are tightly twisted together to create a smooth single ply yarn that is extremely soft and shiny.  Machine washable.
 Artic Qiviut
 100% Qiviut 2-ply , 2 oz $150/skein
 Classic Elite Yarns
 Lavish100% Cashmere 125 yds 50g, Colors #10064 Natural, 20105 Purple, 95895 Camel. $49/skein
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